The Dynalogics Expert System

Turn Key Solutions

About Dynalogics

Dynalogics is a suite of Expert Systems for Manufacturing. It is different from ordinary systems in that the knowledge of every process, method, material and rate, and the capability and constraint of every item of plant on the shop floor are all incorporated in the system's logic.

Dynalogics is ideal in a jobbing environment where estimating work is either difficult or time consuming, and where costly errors can easily occur.

Dynalogics uses Artificial Intelligence to manage all the phases of manufacturing, from Estimating to Shop Floor control, Costing and Scheduling. Wrapped around Manufacturing are comprehensive Financial modules.

Dynalogics encapsulates the "Company's knowledge" and allows its experts to focus their valuable skills on more complex problems. Dynalogics makes an ideal partner - or power tool - for experts, and a support system for TQM.